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Hong Kong before handed back to China. We spent three days there not on Bank Line, but P&O's Canberra and 1954 built Arcadia. What a place. Junks following us into port, and setting up stalls on deck before we even docked, climbing the side of the ship like ants. Tailor's coming to my cabin to measure up for suits, trousers, shirts, the lot. Shoes made to measure all delivered to my cabin on sailing day. On the passenger terminal I would have the best shave ever, eyes tested with new glasses made to order. The passenger terminal was like a mini city, all you needed without going into town. The ship also had a wash and brush up. Going into town was also great, Kowloon. But a trip on the Star ferry to Hong Kong island is a must, and in the cheap section too!

Another favourite port was Cape Town. A ride to the top of Table Mountain a must. The view is stunning.

Sydney was another favourite for obvious reasons, possibly the best harbour in the world, but also our home port on Arcadia, and I had family there, so was like home.

Auckland was my former home, so I loved going back there visiting friends and the hospital where I worked.

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