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Great post, as some rightly put it, every port had something to like, and I knew fellow Bankliners who knew every port and for each the best place to eat, drink and anything else as well. The joys of tramping, and even the worst ports had some redeeming features. Like a few here Singapore, Bangkok, Kiousung, Manila, a heavenly time after a 4 week passage from South Africa, and even East Africa had some great places, Mombasa and the infamous Sunshine Day and Night Club, Lourenco Marques (Maputo) for Peri peri prawns, cashews, Laurentina beer and delicious crabs, Durban and Capetown always favourite spots. BA for great steaks and leathergoods, same for Montevideo, Rio for just about everything, sigh! we did a West Coast South America run via Magellan Straits, all ports to Vancouver, great ports there also, so many ports so little time. When on banana boats central and south american ports were great spots as well. I was so lucky to do a different run every trip so got to sample a lot. Thanks guys for invoking so many smiles this end!
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