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Originally Posted by Macphail View Post
The Captain complained many times about his tough steak, sent it back, the cook threw it on the galley floor, stamped on it a lot, brushed it down, heated it up, applied a nice sauce, happy Captain.
Chief Engineer treated his steward like S**it, chicken curry, he had only bones, the rest had meat.
We have all had the half cockie in the stew, where is the other half.
How many bogies in the soup.
The Captain and Chief Engineer had an extended lunch time G &T, came down for late lunch, all gone, the cook had thrown everything overboard including his pots and pans.

Tell us about the Galley.
I can recall one morning on the ss Caronia (the Jolly Green Giant) at about 7.45am, The Head Chef walked into the galley and there was not a single soul there, the poor man almost had a seizure. It turned out that it was one of the comis chef's birthday and the midships Pig & Whistle barman had opened the bar for what was commonly called "early morning mass". They were having a ball down there. As it turned out breakfast was not delayed at all and as far as I know nothing more was said about it.
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