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Brocklebank ships were usually pretty good feeders but there were a few problems on one, which shall remain nameless to protect the guilty. Braised brisket of beef was a regular item on the dinner menu. It was usually so tough that you could sole your shoes with it. The remainder of the meat went through the bacon slicer and was put into the sandwiches in the supper boxes. On the night in question the brisket had been particularly tough and was all but inedible unless you had tungsten steel teeth. A junior officer (again nameless to protect the guilty) and I collected all the meat from the supper boxes and attached each piece with drawing pins to the Chief Steward's door until it looked like an armadillo hide. Needless to say there was a huge investigation but nobody grassed as everybody else was as fed up as we were.

Happy days
I used my best oil groove cutting skill's and carved the word "s***e" in a piece of meat(I use the word meat loosely) and sent it back, I was reported of course but as I was only doing the one trip it was of no consquence to me but I enjoyed the look on their face's when it was offered up as evidence.
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