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Originally Posted by dnobmal View Post
This is one for Gdynia who I believe sailed with him ,my friend was speaking to his younger son and his daughter whose husband also sailed with the Stag Line but he does not know her married name and he sent this picture to me .The last Stag boat I remember seeing was running construction materials to Sullom Voe cannot remember her name
The person is Capt Reekie who sadly passed away in 2001 or 2002 he was a well known person in his home area of the EAST NEUK

What a fantastic photograph, posts like this are what ships nostalgia should be all about. I sailed with Capt Reekie at the end of his sea going life. To see him as a young man is very moving. He was part of a sea going generation who experienced things us younger seafarers could never imagine.

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