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Map of 2nd Trip on Zinnia

I kept a map of my 2nd trip aboard the Zinnia in 1979. Dont know if this sort of thing is of any interest to anyone?

My memories of that trip include buying loads of Egyptian junk in Bur Said and then lobbing it overboard in the Red Sea at the other end of the Suez. Me and my mates joked that the little boats at the southern end of the Suez were fishing it back out for resale.

We spent 34 Days in Karachi in blistering heat while the cargo of coke was removed in whicker baskets.

The Zinnia also had a mishap in the river Plate when a ship in front went aground on a sandbank and our skipper dropped the anchor whilst we were still moving in an attempt to stop us going aground as well or worse still, hitting the other ship. The capstan kind of exploded and we had to have repairs.

Cheers. Martin.
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