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Capt. Jas. Shaw

Originally Posted by Caroline S View Post
Hi, I'm wondering if anyone remembers my Grandfather Captain James Shaw? I believe that he sailed on or captained the Cydonia, Gloxinia, Zinnia and Ixia. I'm trying to find out some more information for my family history and put together some pictures of the ships for my fathers birthday as he has fond memories from when he was very young.
I would be thrilled and very greatful if anyone can help.
Hi Caroline,

I sailed as R/O on the Gloxinia, 3 trips with your Grandad between Feb 1962 to Oct 1962. What a Gentleman. The first words he shouted (Nicely) to me as I passed his cabin on the way to the Radio Room was " SPARKS!! what do you know about radar. I told him I did not have my radar ticket. He then gave me the manual on the Marconi TM45 which was installed and said learn about it"
My folks actually visited the ship in Plymouth when they were on Holiday and I asked him if they could possibly stay the night in the spare cabin next to mine but when my Dad told him he used to be a Bosun he gave them the owners suite during their time in Plymouth. Cheap holiday that one. A very much respected Gentleman and the last time I spoke to him was when in Newcastle on a job but was unable to visit him due to lack of time.
When my folks died I found all the letters I had sent to them while in the MN up to 1968 but also a letter to them from your Grandad. I will scan it and if you want the copy I will gladly send it to you. email: [email protected]


Vernon Clark

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