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I sailed on the Max Reiman, an ex East German trawler, as a Decca surveyor. Mike Davenport met us on the quay before we were due to sail to put a rig on position off Le Havre in the Bay of Biscay. The first mate was in jail after a night on the piss in Gt Yarmouth and he asked if I would be willing to sign on as a (paid) crew member and take a watch or two as we made our way south. To which I readily agreed. Getting up to the bridge was by way of a vertical ladder to a hatch on the upper deck followed by a short walk in the elements to the wheelhouse. When I asked about the automatic pilot, the skipper reached up to the deckhead and pulled down a hinged bar with a large hole in the end which was then hooked over a spoke in the wheel! Happy days!
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