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Laurie Hopper

Hello Ian I am very sorry to hear your Dad has got alzheimers. When I was apprentice I sailed with your Dad on the old Begonia he was Mate. I was on the Camellia with him when he did his first voyage as Captain. 13th Feb 1959 to 28th March 1959 we went from Hull to Philadelphia loaded grain back to London and then the Tyne for drydocking. I did another voyage with him 10th October 1960 to 20th November 1960 From Manchester to Baie Comeau loaded grain back to London, Hull, and Tyne for draydocking. When he did his first voyage as Captain he was 29 years of age all the Mates were under 30 and all ex Stag Line Apprentices. The last time I saw your Dad and Mam was at the Seamans Club dance in South Shields it was about 1999. Your Dad treated his crews with respect you should be proud of him. I met your Mam a few times a lovely Lady. Regards Bill
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