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Originally Posted by Varley View Post
Roddy, One engine and, every now and again, the Paxman? Not much electrickery for a healthy 736KW thruster anyway and might even have been an interlock(would have to have been in the thruster controls, the drawings for which I didn't 'inherit' and sadly memory now increasingly more write-only). David V

(Ridiculous to still have Hull 420's MSB drawing let alone to have it laid out at panel 4!)
True, but with one shaft alternator running with the diesel, there would then be enough?

But as I said, the thruster was pretty useless unless you were all but stopped, and we hadn't been taught then that they were much more effective when the ship was moving astern.

They were a big help in locks - Liverpool for example, and also for 'springing' the stern off on sailing.

Yard Nos. 419/420 Asialiner and Asiafreighter?
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