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Originally Posted by Georgezx9 View Post
Hi All, I used to manage the design and maintenance of the last 7 UK floating docks, for the RN.

I have a metal blank of the AFD60 crest, this can be used as a plug to make moulds from.

The crest was not Official, she was never commissioned, the description is correct, it was neptune (or poseidin?, with a trident and a submarine, we used to joke that one of the last dockmasters, modelled for the character in the crest.

I also have amassed a collection of information.

History of all UK AFDs, and what happened to them
History of AFD60, and why it was located where it ended up, this includes details on all the dockmasters from the start to the end, it also lists all the ships docked by AFD60
I also have a very brief of why faslane, is where it is.
I have a set of layout drawings for AFD60 and AFD59 (AFD59 was much stronger, and did not suffer the overloading of thje tank bulkheads).

I also careened AFD60, in the early 90s, this was part of the drive to obtain a partial nuclear safety case for SRD.

HI, my father served on what i thought was AFD66 and 67 or 68 in 1944 1945 . AFD66 sunk in a storm in the bay of biscay under tow.
interesting story I will put in my website very soon.But official admiralty report is already there.
I cant fathom how numbers went as obviously newer and more recent docks have lower numbers.
AFd 66 perhaps refered to AUXILLARY floating dock, As they accomodated smaller vessels. refer to my website
the photos may help us.any help appreciated.
also any idea what a bumping circle is. Dad had a medal Portsmouth flotilla winner Bumping circle. some sort of sporting event.
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