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The Worcester

I cant believe that no other 'Old Worcester' cadets like myself havent posted until now. Its been a long time since I visited this site, and even longer since I left the infamous TNTC - aka HMS Worcester. (April 1964-June1966, Fore Division). Yes I left just 2 years before they decommissioned the old girl.
The college had a real heart with history and lineage of Captain Superintendants going back into the previous century. I believe Captain Argles was her last Captain. While I was there, Commander King had become a close friend to my father, also a Naval Commander, as they saw action in the convoys as did Capt Argles.
I visited other Naval Colleges during and after my 'apprenticeship', the last one at South Shields in 1986 to do my Oilrig Offshore survival certificate.
All these places brought back great memories including the antics that we 'cadets' got upto during our limited time off. I was always up for sneaking girls onto 'the ship', and was almost caught more than once.
I remember the PE college in Dartford but escaping to there was a feat in itself (in those days we werent allowed off college premises.) I bought an old BSA Bantam and kept it at Everards for when I would do the 'Great Escape' run.
I only ever saw 2 ex cadets after I left, and Cmdr King once, but no other officers.
Great times, collectively we should all write a book.!
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