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Originally Posted by expats View Post
I joined the 'Demeterton' as R/O in Amsterdam in jan 1968. The R/O before me had some sort of skin complaint (his nickname was "The Plant")....The captain was Williams??? and 2nd mate was Bamber?(the apprentices nicknamed him "The Bishop") a real dour character and an engineer who'd played rugby for Hartlepool; a fitness fanatic. There was also the 'randiest' apprentice I'd ever come across; he looked and acted like Mick Jagger but he could certainly 'pull' the girls...

There was a rule that when buying cases of beer (Tennants) every can with a picture of "Ann?? boating on Loch Lomond" was deemed a 'clit can' and was put into a communal collection and drunk by all (I once had a case with almost half as 'clit cans': an expensive case)

She was possibly the worst feeder I'd ever been on. The fat and gristle from sunday's roast was served as a curry on monday and several day's potatoes were usually peeled in one go and left in buckets on deck where they seemed to dry out (I remember chips being as brown inside as out)
Hi again. when you were in darlien china & went over to the other british ship did you have one of those cheap air rifles to have a compertition with them because I made up a load of round targets to fire at whilst we were over there the losers had to supply the beer. I dont recall the out come just that it was great fun at the time & the red gaurds did,nt boter us. however they did enjoy watching us work in the engine room & also when we played cards at lunchtime {hunt the cu--t}as it was commonlly called.I was a bit unpopular at the game because I won to often.I remember a red guard {female} on the unloading crane knocking a wagon off the rail tracks which caused a load of funny hand gestures she was not very popular after that, much waving of the red book though.John
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