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Originally Posted by john powles View Post
Hi again. when you were in darlien china & went over to the other british ship did you have one of those cheap air rifles to have a compertition with them because I made up a load of round targets to fire at whilst we were over there the losers had to supply the beer. I dont recall the out come just that it was great fun at the time & the red gaurds did,nt boter us. however they did enjoy watching us work in the engine room & also when we played cards at lunchtime {hunt the cu--t}as it was commonlly called.I was a bit unpopular at the game because I won to often.I remember a red guard {female} on the unloading crane knocking a wagon off the rail tracks which caused a load of funny hand gestures she was not very popular after that, much waving of the red book though.John
I had a cheap air pistol and holster..... I remember playing table tennis at the 'Friendship Club'; winning the first game where-upon the guy sat down and read 'The Little Red Book' and then won the next two games 21-0....I bought a carpet and a picture made of feathers (I must have been drunk).

"Chase the Lady" (I'm being genteel) was THE card game there....
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