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Originally Posted by markcable View Post
I was at Greenhithe various times between 1979-1981 doing a Class 5 Trainee Deck certificate with Onesimus Dorey's of Guernsey alongside Ian Diaper, also in my class were Alex Gibbons, Chris Poole-Gleed and Nigel Podger of Rowbothams, Ivor (Fred) Minnis, Kevin Baker of FT Everards. We all had a great time there and I have some happy memories of the student bar and the "White Hart" in the Village.

regards, Mark
I think i remeber you Mark although there was a sparky lass called Cable too. Deffo remeber Ivor Minnis. A legend! Once let him wait for the toaster to toast his bread for a whole hour before he realised in his drunken state that he hadn't plugged it in. oh how we howled! Sad really but you needed to get your laffs somehow. vaguely remeber Gibbo (blonde guy I think).
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