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Originally Posted by alaric View Post
You were training as a Safety Officer? You sound dangerous to me.
I'm not sure what you mean? I'm assuming you are linking the Safety Officer bit to the motor accident and, if so, implying I shouldn't have been in safety if I was capable of such an accident.

If that is the case you must be one of those perfect beings that has never, ever, made an error of judgement, misread a situation, or made a mistake in your entire life.

Unfortunately I am not quite that perfect, I do make mistakes from time to time, and I continue to do so on occasions. Fortunately I do tend to learn from those mistakes and, generally, don't repeat them.

It has been 35 years since that accident, I have just taken early retirement, but during my working life (the last 25 years on gas platforms) I have never been involved a workplace accident or caused anyone else to have one.

I have only been involved in one motor accident since then, on my motorcycle in 2006, and that was the fault of the third party who was duly prosecuted. So no, I don't think I am dangerous.

However, the fact that I ride a motorcycle will make some people think I am risk averse, which may be true, but I do my best to mitigate this by having completed the highest training available to civilian motorcyclists and I am retested every three years to maintain the qualification.

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