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Wrecks around the Mersey.

Originally Posted by wirralsteve View Post
hi all hoping for some information regarding wrecks on and around the Wirral, especially those in the Mersey itself.
My dad was telling me about a friend of his who used to work many years ago dynamiting the sunken ships of the Mersey so as not to create obstacles for the newer generation of larger vessels. that story has always had my attention and still to this day cant figure out if dad was having me on or if there has been that many wrecks on my doorstep. i am a keen historian and will gladly share any information i gather with any helpers and the ships nostalgia community

Hi Steve,
Your father was certainly correct, I was staggered at the number of masts sticking up out of the water on the edge of the Mersey when I first went to sea in the 1960's. The story then was that some of the ships contained ammunition and it was too dangerous to blow them up, it might have taken half of Liverpool with them, mind you that could have been a good thing. (Only kidding as I was born in Liverpool but left there 1942 during WW2.)

Howard Dean.
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