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Thanks Bob,

My parents are not well, my mother lost a leg last year and now is very bitter as she has to stay in a home in Hexham. My Dad seems to give up some weeks and drinks way to much whisky and does not eat much to the point that he is skin & bones and keeps collapsing. He just got out of hospital yesterday after 19 days in Hexham. Sad but not much I can do.

Bamburgh, my dad's trucks took thousands of small xmas trees to the castle when it was used in a movie many years ago and I used to go to Seahouses for the kippers. Happy memories, hope you have a great time up amongst those huge sand dunes. We used to go there for our day out by the sea side, soggy egg & tomato sandwichs with the sand in the middle.

Are there any of those huge concrete blocks left up on the coast that were supposed to keep the Germans from invading

All the best, Malcolm
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