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I believe for many of us, who may have know River Plate House, Britannic House, the crude and products and latterly the gas fleets, whether deck engine, or even crew, we have many an experience at the hands of old father times and King Neptune. What didwe gain as individuals, well I am sure your have heard that OLD CRY, friends!! for one and Board Of Trade Aquaintences for another.
I signed up from the Yorkshire woollen towns, I requested of my self, Travel, free board and lodgings, and being paid for the experience, with an education qualification of life thrown in?
Then in the 60's the shipping industry, the federation had many varied and novel shipping companies with whom one could travel: The names were not all bright orange, and in some more traditional liner and tanker companies one could desire a little more.
The experiences if one were a company man signing on the the different pool crews around the UK, such as HULL, London, Southampton, Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff, and Tyneside, where they all had pineapple allotments? and a tale to tell. I am not for getting here the deepsea fishing ports and crews of Hull and Grimsby.
It was all griese to the mill?
I did travel, married, children, and an after life still connected to my marine roots doing vessel surveys and offshore structures in the UK.
waters. Do I regret it? No is the answer, it is what I came to know and understand. People are people, and we all signed the articles to be in the same club?

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