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I left school in May 1980 ,I had a place at NSTC in September and so was allocated a YTS place by local careers office at a local garage until I was due to go to Gravesend. I was a dogs body serving petrol , cleaning and polishing cars, and maintaining cars in for service . When I handed my notice in after 3 months the boss nearly fell of his chair as he was not used to YTS kids leaving before the 6 months was up. This was probably due to him bull sh**ing and telling all the kids they would get apprenticeships only to get shot of them when 6 months was up - thatchers Britain cheap labour!!
After NSTC and short spell on Middlesbrough pool I joined BP. I did trips on Renown , Dart, Forth, Patience, Shoush, Esk, Resolution, Spey and Tay I then left BP for BUE ships for 2 Trips in North Sea
Since 1987 I have been in the construction sector and I am currently a principal surveyor with Bureau Veritas Building Control U K
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