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Born and brought up on a farm. Left school in 62 at 15. Did a year at Dundee Trades College. Started my apprenticeship in 63 as a Lecky with Boase Spinning company in Dundee - Now long gone and houses built on the site. Finished my apprenticeship in 68 and joined BP Tanker Co in 69.

Sailed on various "Birdie" boats and a couple of the old 16's, then came the oil crisis of 74/75. Moved to BP Petroleum Development (as it was then), on the Forties, Buchan, Millar & Bruce fields. Finished up as a Planning Engineer.

Got made redundant at the end of 95 when my job was "Outsourced." Went to Perth, Australia to work on the Goodwyn & Cossack fields. Came back to Aberdeen after 18 months, and was head-hunted by the company that my job had been "outsourced" to! Back to doing my old job at a vastly inflated salary!

Then I had a wee bit of open heart surgery, so decided I'd had enough of this working for a living and took early retirement at 55. I worked for the next couple of winters on small jobs for the north sea. Fully retired now.

On the personal front, I've been married for 35 years, have 2 Daughters, one Grandson and another due at the end of next month. We bought a plot of land 25 years ago, had an architect design us a house, and I project managed the build.

I Think I've had a good life, and hope to have a few more years yet.
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