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I am a new kid on the block and not too good with these new things call computers. I thought I had sent an HELLO but can't find it so will start again. I live in New Zealand ex Liverpool and Newcastle upon Tyne UK. ex Federal steam ship co MV Middlesex 1960's (Engineer). Now tired retired.
Have a couple of questions to get me started.
1 How do I put photo's on site?
2 Do they go into a personal folder or to a specific topic site?
3 What size do the photo's have to be?
4 On the lifeboat site would these photo's be acceptable for the lifeboat site.
A Ex RNLI lifeboats?
B Cruise Ship Lifeboats/Tenders and different cargo ship lifeboats?
C NZ has Coastguard boats not too many lifeboats are these OK?
Hope I have been too much of a pain
Kiwi Pete
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