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Old Engineering and Nautical interest Books

I have quite a few "old" books . I have no use for them anymore . I don't want to take them to the tip and they are not really of interest to Charity shops . Does anybody have any ideas of how to dispose of them ? Not Ebay etc . Weigh about 11.5 Kg. Cheers.

Principles of Electricity Illustrated (2 copies 1960?) Roy C Norris
Steam and Other Engines (1937) Duncan
General Engineering Workshop Practice (1940s? In Box) Odham
Applied Electricity (1960) Cotton
Teach Yourself -Electricity in the House (1956) MacFarlane
Model Steamers and Motorboats (1951?) Percival Marshall
Electrical Engineers Reference Book (1948 and 1961 ) Newnes
Marine Eng Officer Syallabus and Specimen Papers(1981) D.O.T
Wireless Servicing Manual 6th Ed (1945?) W T Cocking
Barnard Smith’s School Arithmetic (1865)
Elementary Algebra (1925) Hall and Knight
The Practicalman’s Book of Things to Make and Do (1938) Wheeler
Britain’s Wonderful Fighting Forces (1940?) Capt Ellison Hawkes
Lifeboats of the World (1978) E W Middleton
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