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Duncan, While I would bow to your interest in that loss Wiki seems to show the distress was promptly raised and co-ordinated by LandsEndRadio I do not see what use another RCC would have been and I am sure the surpic would have been a resource of which they would have been aware and could (did?) call upon.

That is not to argue that the positioning data is not shared (and perhaps thereby subsidising the service?). Why should the honest sailor-boy be worried?

My jaundice is more set against the administration that thinks that a 40 year old jumboized vessel would ever be safe in normal trade even if it had been managed and manned by the most competent of the competent (and who is to say El Faro was not at least manned to that standard. Almost by definition I suppose I must exclude the possibility of managers fitting that bill).

So much for their regulation of their own flag vessels. Their escape from all blame in that case makes Crown immunity look like a very mild advantage taken by the State.
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