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[QUOTE=david.hopcroft;3009141]I should have said that this was GKZ. The 958's replaced in-house PO built RXs and Mercury's. They were also 'magic' for us, but actually it was because they - the Mercury's and PO RX's - were not SSB.

In the Dec 1969 photo, the Ops point is the RT 2182 Distress Watch and Broadcast. The 2182 speaker is next to the dial. Those on the left of the mike are Ch16 VHF with the working channels next to them. The WT 500 watch is on the right, and behind two working psns that were 2684 and 3778 during busier times. These had Mercury RXs. The tall psn at the back was the Oil/Gas services SSB RT on 3624/3324 . (RTT was on the LSB)


You have me baffled with all that gear, David. Thanks for the info though. I always found R/Os in Brit coast stations very helpful. Also, same applies to every other CS I worked(almost) worldwide.

Best rgds, D
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