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I was lucky enough to pick up a very good copy of "Breakdowns At Sea And How To Repair Them" from eBay some years ago; wasn't anywhere near $500 of course!
I also have a copy of "Reed's Useful Hints To Sea-Going Engineers And How To Repair And Avoid Breakdowns".
Both are inspiring with the level of work that was carried out at sea in years gone by.....

The most awe-inspiring sea-going engineering repair I've ever read of though, has to be a short article titled "McClintock's Calculated Risk", by William McFee from the New Zealand Institute of Marine Engineers newsletter of 1999:

- in 1900 the tramp steamer SS "Titania" sailed from Capetown for Buenos Aires, and some day/s out broke her prop shaft and lost the propeller. The newly appointed CE was a 23-year-old man name William McClintock. He organised all except the cook to ballast the ships head down, chisel the spare prop shaft from the after hold (3/8" plate chiseled by hand!), un-seize the prop nut from the spare shaft by lighting a fire under it, lift the new shaft into position, then lift the spare prop over the side and down into position.....
All while floating miles from any regular seaway under a sea anchor.....needless to say this all took far longer than it does to read about it......

I'm no engineer but I have to pay my respects to Mr. McClintock and the crew - that is an amazing bit of work.....

Unfortunately I only have the first half of the story - if anyone has the rest I'd love to read the finish.....
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