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I know this is a bit off the theme, but I recall when I was R/O on a UASC K class heading for Aqaba in Jordan I think around 1986. I received an msg from the owners saying a complete crew change would take place on arrival Aqaba. It was an all Pakistani contingent that awaited us when we docked. The silver service was swept away and replaced by a large bowl of rice and a bowl of chicken curry...sign of things to come....I got the impression from the RO I was handing over to that they were manning the ship due to our incompetence!
During the handover he insisted I flash up the main transmitter (not permitted in port) as he main occupation would be making R/T calls. I done a quick QSO with GKA to placate him. When I showed him the spares locker, he declared it wasn't his business dealing with such things and that the Lecky would handle that sort of thing.
Fast forward a year and I'm in Liverpool docks on another UASC ship chatting with the Marconi technician who came on board. He told me that the ship in question had arrived in Liverpool without radars and most of the communication/navigation faulty. The entire Marconi tech team spent a week putting the faulty gear back in order before they could sail. So much for cutting costs....
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