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Originally Posted by jmcg View Post
Ah N.E. Roberts - a gentleman Bosun. Always paid off skint when I was with him


What a load of rubbish! How on earth would you know he paid off 'skint' as you put it. NE Roberts was staff from 62/63 onwards, well before you started in the China. Staff did not pay off in the same way the rest of us did. Leading Seamen, Lampy's and Bosun received their money into the bank like the officers. Worth saying something complimentary in that NE Roberts came from a fine family in Denbigh, North Wales. Brothers and sisters were either medical practitioners or Lawyers. In passing, NE Roberts was a gentleman and holder of a Second Mates (FG) ticket. Joe Bates, did not hold a ticket like you say in another thread.

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