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Originally Posted by R651400 View Post
Happy for anyone to correct me but I understood the reason why Blue Funnel were allowed to call their apprentices midshipmen was because it was an honour bestowed by the "Ministry of Defence" for BF apprentice gallantry manning the evacuation craft at Gallipoli.
There were many acts of gallantry by cadets/apprentices in other companies in both WW's and awards made, they did not change into midshipmen. I have noticed over the years that somehow a MFG Certificate of Competency obtained whilst serving in BF is somehow thought superior to one gained whilst serving in other companies, or they seem to think it is. I would argue that a Master of a tramper is just as competent, and perhaps more so than someone who has spent their whole career on a waterborne bus route (no disrespect intended, career paths are chosen for a number of reasons). The Master of a tramper is thrown into the unknown on frequent occasions and also sometimes without adequate charts because they were not available at the last port of call and there was insufficient time before sailing to have them flown out, just an observation.
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