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Spent a few weeks working in Britannic house in approx 1982 or thereabouts prior to joining the Iolair in the builders yard.
Can remember the restaurant etc in the basement reached via escalators and also the staff bar, cannot remember what floor it was on but definately can remember the drinks prices! Far cheaper than the hotel we were staying in at the time. Needless to say you can guess where many of our early evenings were spent!
On one of the evenings in question when leaving the bar to return to the hotel a "member" of our party, another Iolair crew member managed to miss the revolving door out of the office foyer and walked straight through the glass window at the side of it!
Luckily he was uninjured and a little embarrassed! He was even more embarrassed the following day when he was called into the managers office and warned as to his conduct when on secondment to the office. He was subsequently banned from the bar until we joined the Iolair. He will remain nameless, I will leave it to him if he frequents this forum and wishes to comment!
Happy days.
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