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Originally Posted by jrob7021 View Post
just to introduce myself,name is Jim Robertson retired in 2000 after 44 years at sea enjoying every second of it.When I read some of the threads all the memories keep flooding back.My sea career started in 1956 first sailing on the DM Taranaki, Coptic and a few other motor ships in the Shaw Savill fleet until 1966 when Joined
Sugar Line where I had many happy memories and sailed with some great characters.In my twelve years with them I sailed on nearly all their ships starting off on the Sugar Cube and ending up on the newer ones. A lot of the old ships were workhouses for us engineers but they were happy ships.Left them just before all the fleet were sold and joined Everards for the rest of my seagoing.
I would like to send my regards to any Sugar Line survivors who I used to know
Hello Jim, I think we may have sailed together at some point! Did my time with Sugar Line between 1974 and 1978 and left them after doing a spell as 2nd Mate on Sugar Carrier which was then about 3 or 4 years old!
I joined as uncert. 3rd Mate having just done second mates and was promoted to 2nd Mate when Ted Houghton paid off sick in Taiwan! As I hadn't got my actual ticket, Sugar Line applied to the then Department of Transport who gave me a dispensation!
Did 10 months on the ship and had a ball! However, the writing was on the wall as far as sugar cargoes went and the Company was trading to a lot of Persian Gulf ports which wasn't for me!
Cheers, Andy
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