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Ships Log Books

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Old 18th September 2007, 14:34
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Ships Log Books

In my never ending research I was wondering where do the Log Books go if the ship is broken up and the company no longer operates.

Would the Royal Navy keep Log Books of a civilian ship used in wartime as a navy ship?

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Old 18th September 2007, 15:19
sparkie2182 sparkie2182 is online now  
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the story of h.m.s. conqueror's log is an interesting one.
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Old 18th September 2007, 15:20
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In my present company the Ships Log Books are kept for 5 years in a Archive then destroyed
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Old 18th September 2007, 17:28
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Remember the days when the chief mate had to laboriously copy all the enteries in the deck log into a fair copy for eventual transmission to FHQ. Then progress, we got log books with carbon paper and the carbon copies were torn out and posted home every three months. I remember in 1952 the Deck Log Books had hardly changed from the day's of sail. Day's run etc.
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Old 19th September 2007, 00:37
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Remember the daily pencil log that was later copied into the ink one. I supose it gave one a chance to correct the "little" mistakes.
Tom Haywood
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Old 19th September 2007, 03:26
JoK JoK is offline  
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I have the logbook that I signed for my very first watch as an engineer. When the ship was laid up for sale, the Chief gave it to me.
Being a Government organization, our logs are archived. It is not uncommon for deck logs to be used in court cases.
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