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Herald of Free Enterprise 6th March 1987

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Old 10th March 2017, 21:00
Graham Wallace Graham Wallace is offline  
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Herald of Free Enterprise 6th March 1987

Herald of Free Enterprise 6th March 1987

There are a number of threads elsewhere in Shipsnostalgia about the sinking of the Herald of Free Enterprise as she left the port of Zeebrugge Belgium 6th March 1987 with her bow doors left open.

“Binnacle” In Shipping News and views section and “Steve Lamb” in Pig and Whistle both last Monday on the 30th anniversary.

I wrote one in Shipsnostalgia ‘Ferries’ section 3 years earlier on 7th March 2014 when due to some unusual circumstances began to learn about her demise and some ex BP personnel involved.

I correspond with a lot of ex MN personnel not only BP and come up with the most unexpected results. Early last month after a Doc’s appointment I decided to cheer myself up, wandered into a local store and had a look through to imported British food selection for some nice chocolate biscuits. I noticed a bent over white haired old guy doing similarly, though he was feeling all the packets, I was just looking!

I decided to talk to him, noticed he had a broad Scots accent and asked where he came from, Paisley! I spent 2 months of my BP apprenticeship in “Thom Lamont’s” pump manufactures in Paisley summer of 1956. I asked him if he knew ‘La Monts’, no, but he knew a Lamonts (the Scots emphasise the Lam… not the La). So we chatted, he had apprenticed in a Clydeside shipping Company and gone deep sea as an Engineer finally joining ferries at Dover. “TT?” I asked, his response was positive, remember any of the Chief Engineers? He mentioned a few then a name I recognised, RC Crone, he spoke well of him.

RC Crone was a 1954 BP Marine Engineering Apprentice from Dover, attended SE London Technical College, first BP Tanker Rogue River in 1956. Combined C/E Steam and Motor Tickets. Married May 1964 (Photo in that Fleet News), I believe he was widowed. Was Senior CE Herald of Free Enterprise and died 6th March 1987.

Last Monday I had an email from an old EA contact that I had not hear from for a number of years and remarking on my British Crown article he had just recently read. I decided to phone him (I do that a lot) he mentioned the Herald of Free Enterprise anniversary was that day and did I realise her Captain was an ex BP Navigating Apprentice, I did not.

His name was D Lewry, #2362 on my Navigating Apprentices database and sailed BP Chief Officer up to at least 1970. They had sailed together on the Sportsman 1959/60. In an Apprentices newsletter November 1959 Sportsman’s Apprentices were; D Lewry, IGC McAffer, DM MacDonald, RC Porteous , K Ounsley and M Price. Does anyone remember them?

My apologies for the extended posting but I get quite fascinated with the most interesting things that happen when one starts up a new conversation………. I had one a few days ago with an elderly lady in a blood clinic, she was a retired Swedish Journalist. (http://www.whitehorsestar.com/Histor...m-alive-part-1)

I’ll keep that for later maybe.


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Old 14th March 2017, 06:57
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paul0510 paul0510 is offline  
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I hadn't realised that there was a BP tanker with the name Rogue River!
As of February 2015, I now live in the City of Rogue River (pop. 2000) on the banks of the Rogue River in Southern Oregon. With its mediterranean climate, great wines and craft beers, cultural centres and inspiring landscapes this area has something going for it. So who named a T2 'Rogue River' and why?? There wasn't much back here in the way of infrastructure and civilisation during the early 50s. (Could be said of today with tongue in cheek!!).
Anybody heading north or south along the Interstate 5 just drop in at Exit 48 for a natter....and a beer.
- Paul O'Donovan
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Old 15th March 2017, 21:23
hamone hamone is online now  
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There were also other T2's I recall,Redbank,Smoky Hill,memory has faded to name anymore
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Old 15th March 2017, 23:48
gadgee gadgee is offline   SN Supporter
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Bit on Rogue River here



Paul J.

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Old 12th April 2017, 16:51
mpr41410 mpr41410 is offline  
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DR (Dave) Hamilton, the marine superintendent, who oversaw the recovery after the disaster, died recently. A true gentleman. I believe he was one of the first intake of engineer cadets with BTC, though my memory is fogged with the passage of time.
He sometimes joined me on my fishing boat to wile away a few hours over the Varne.
BTW, the name of the ship was the Herald of Free Enterprise.

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Old 14th April 2017, 17:02
JohnBP JohnBP is offline  
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Thanks Graham, interesting, just so happens I am reading an e-book at present and it discusses TT and the Free Enterprise... John
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Old 7th July 2017, 17:20
NiaCampbell NiaCampbell is offline  
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Hi Graham, I've been trying to get in touch with D Lewry for our History Channel documentary about the Zeebrugge Ferry. It would be great if you could kindly forward on an email to Mr Lewry? Very best wishes, Nia
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