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MV Panagiotis (Zakynthos shipwreck)

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Old 15th September 2013, 18:58
Henry B Henry B is offline
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MV Panagiotis (Zakynthos shipwreck)

Hi all

I would like some more information on the coaster MV Panagiotis. I know she was built in Scotland as the MV Saint Bedan. She was renamed Meropi in 1964, Charis in 1966 and finally Panagiotis in 1975. I also heard some rumors that she was named Nicos at some time in her life.

The reason on why the vessel remains there is still debated. One story says that the ship was a smuggler's ship and she ran aground after being pursued by the Greek navy. Another story says that the ship was placed there by the Greek ministry of tourism in order to attract people to the island.
Personally, I believe the latter. The ship seems almost too well placed on the beach.
Early pictures of the wreck (during the early 1990's), shows the ship mostly buried under the sand and is located far from the water mark. Over the years, the beach has slowly eroded away and the hulk has literally ''emerged'' from the sand. The vessel now lies closer to the sea. If the ship had been been beached there, she would probably lie along the water's edge or even in the water (since the shoreline has receded over the years).
Something else that also bothers me, is that the vessel lies perfectly placed in the middle of the beach. If the ship had indeed drifted into the cove, she would probably lie either slightly to the left or right of it's current position. It may be coincidence that the ship landed this way. I just think that it's a little unbelievable. The size of the vessel also seems to fit the cove perfectly. It's not too big (the ship would be cumbersome and spoil the beach if it was too large) neither is it too small to become uninteresting and un-photogenic. The story of the ''smuggler ship'' makes the wreck sound more interesting. If tourist knew that the ship was placed there by the government, it just wouldn't sound as appealing nor as exciting.
The year when it was wrecked seem to differ as well. Most sources claim that it was 1980. Others say that it was 1981, 82 and even as late as 1983.

I could be wrong and the stories of it being a smugglers ship could be true. This is just my theory. What do you all think?

Any early pictures of the wreck from the early to late 1980's would be greatly appreciated. Any other stories or rumors would also be appreciated.


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Old 20th September 2013, 21:59
sandman sandman is offline  
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I was walking around her in august this year, managed to take to take a few photo,s. Will try and post a few.
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