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Hms lord warden

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Old 19th December 2018, 00:55
bobforan bobforan is offline
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Hms lord warden

Hi. I'm Bob Foran in Connecticut USA. My wife's great grandfather was a midshipman on the HMS Lord Warden based at Malta about 1867-1870. I would love to learn about it's history, crew and voyages. I can also share some of his (humerous) memories about his tour of duty. Thanks.
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Old 19th December 2018, 15:26
wightspirit wightspirit is offline  
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Search here: http://discovery.nationalarchives.go...dvanced-search Use 'ADM' for the reference. You'll find quite a lot, but none is downloadable. It means a personal visit or pay for a researcher...

Dave W
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Old 19th December 2018, 17:58
bobforan bobforan is offline
Join Date: Dec 2018
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Hms Warden

Thanks for the tip Dave. Looks interesting.
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Old 20th December 2018, 09:29
canadian canadian is offline  
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Lord Warden, 1865
Type: Broadside ironclad ; Armament 18 x 7 " x 6½,-ton ML.
Launched : 27 Mar 1865 ; Disposal date or year : 1889
BM: 4080 tons ; Displacement: 7842 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 6706 hpi 1000 hp ; Speed ; 13.5 knots ;

Laid down in 1863, after designs by Mr. E. J. Reed, and the Controller's Department, as single-screw, wooden-hulled, armoured broadside of 7839 tons' displacement, and 6706 H.P.I. ; fully rigged, Maximum thickness of iron armour 5½ inches

1870 Flag Ship, Mediterranean

24 Dec 1870 arrived Malta from Sicily.

7 Mar 1871 the Lord Warden, Caledonia, Prince Consort and Wizard depart for Sicily and Naples.

2 Apr 1871, for census, at Naples.

19 Apr 1871 departed Malta for target practice and returned the following day.

21 Dec 1876 Commissioned at Portsmouth

1879 Ship of First Reserve

Jun 1879 Coast Guard Service, Queensferry, North Britain (Scotland). Tenders: Netley & Firm ; Coast Guard Cruizers: Eagle, Psyche, & Squirrel

Jun 1879 Temporarily employed with the Channel Squadron. Annual cruise ?

1882-1884 An interesting resumé of the responsibilities undertaken by the captain of this vessel etc., whilst employed on Coast Guard Service.

5 Sep 1885 per ship's logs at National Archives appears to be paid off, to be replaced by the Ajex.
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