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City Of Colombo

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Old 30th May 2005, 13:58
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City Of Colombo

Barclay & Curlew build 1956,was one of five new cargo vessel delivered for Ellerman lines 7739 g.t. scrapped in 1977.She was open shelterdeck type with forecastle,five cargo holds with d.w.capacity of 10,670 tons.(old pic collect)
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Old 31st May 2005, 09:42
Fergus 62 Fergus 62 is offline
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City of Auckland

You're correct, five ships of "City of Colombo" class were delivered in 1956, "Cities of Winnipeg,Wellington,Newcastle,Ripon and Colombo" the first three to the Hall Line and second two to the City Line. There was however a sixth vessel in this class the "City of Auckland" built by Vickers - Armstrong 1958 and delivered to Ellerman and Bucknall. She was sld out of the Ellerman Group in 1978 and eventually scrapped as the Gulf Falcon in 1983

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Old 4th June 2005, 04:22
Les Hughes Les Hughes is offline  
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A few of those old doxfords were transferred to Ben line for a while when Ellermans stopped trading to the far east, the service was then known as Ben Ellerman, believe the Newcastle ripon and wellington were three of them.
The colombo then traded on the Canadian city line for a while with the maple leaf funnel
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Old 24th July 2007, 08:51
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Very handsome looking ships. I sailed on the City of Auckland in 1974-5, trading between the UK and East Africa, and the City of Wellington in 1976, going from the UK to East Africa, Gulf, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, S.Africa to Canada.
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Old 24th July 2007, 16:44
Fergus 62 Fergus 62 is offline
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Hows this for pure nostalgia..........
May 1962 travelled to Liverpool for interview at Tower Buildings for apprenticeship with Ellermans. This was an all day affair as I had to wait until 2030 for the night ferry back to Belfast. Interview was in the morning, so the Marine Superintendent gave us a pass to visit the City of Auckland which was in Liverpool at the time. During a home clear out a few months ago I found that pass - 45 years on !! If my menory serves me right the mate at that time was called McGregor. Ah memories of good days gone by.

Fergus 62
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Old 26th October 2007, 00:12
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City of Colombo

I had the honour of doing 2.5 Cdn City voyages on this lovely lady a total of 13 months straight, Quite an eventfull voyage. Capt. Duncan Hine at the wheel 'and the mate was on the focksle deck his name was Clifford Bunt', even had Mason Price on board who insisted to ruin our ice bound partying in Cornerbrook by trying to sail without a breaker. Well after some 5 hours ahead - astern, hard a port hard a starboard etc etc we got stuckagain about 400 yards of the dock. Called the nurses so they came out on skiddoos and we continued for the next four days.
Funny thing about that ice experience apart from 'acordianizing' the hull plates, when we arrived at Cochin after yarpy, Mombasa, Bombay etc I went to take the morning drafts and could one one tips of the prop not exactly it should have been. A very interesting cant she had. So I call the Cheng, mate Capt etc and we has a look at the prop blade by blade. Each and every bladetip has been symetrically doubled over, No one felt any extra vibration during the voyage ,the Cheng was even comenting that the slip for the voyage was the best since she came out of the yard. He should have patented the design. Anyways to cut a L..O..N..G voyage short after us all buying silk 'dress; boiler suits with our nicknames on the back home bound in Bombay back to Canada, then what, drydock in Shields where after docking I was able to sign-off. Those two and a bit round trips could have made a great book with the 'es-atch-one-tee we went though and got up to.
Great memories -
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Old 17th December 2007, 10:48
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I was on the City 0f Ripon 1969-70,City of Wellington 1970 and City of Delhi 1970-71 she had just been returned from Ben Line and as they used chinese crew all the outside bulkhads were grained to look like wood.
happy days with humping thumping doxfords. I think the Delhi was the the Winnipeg before?
regards Malcolm Bennington ex 'leccy'
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