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HMS Shikari

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Old 25th January 2009, 22:56
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HMS Shikari


I was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of some detailed pics of the HMS Shikari please?

I have searched the 'net' and apart from some 'official' overall pics have come up with nothing.

I understand that she was an Admiralty type destroyer of 1920 vintage.

I seek more detail for building a model of her, (NMM plans). My fathers' unit - 14th Field Regiment RA ( anti-tank ) managed to scramble on board her for the last trip out of Dunkirk after Major (mad) Mitch got a tip-off that she would be coming in.

He had fond memories of the ship.


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Old 26th January 2009, 15:00
Cooky Boy Cooky Boy is offline  
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Have only, so far, come across these. Small pics at

and a larger one at

Guess they won't be good enough for what you want though.
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Old 26th January 2009, 16:17
Steve Woodward Steve Woodward is offline  
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Shikari was an old S class Admiralty design destroyer
Built by Doxfords in 1919 and sold for scrappin in November 1945.
Basically this class were modified R class ships, the 69 ships (of several slightly different designs0 were hurriedly ordered to counteract a supposed German build up, the modified R design being chosen to speed up the process.
L 276 B 26'08" Draft 9' disp 1075 tons standard
machinery : twin screw brown-Curtis s/r geared steam turbines, three yarrow type boilers - two venting up fore one and one up the after funnel, 27,000 shp 36 knots 300 tons oil fuel
Three 4" Mk4 C45 guns - one on focsle, one between funnels and one aft both on a bandstand, AA armament when built was a single 20mm pompom just fwd of the main mast. and two twin sets 21" torpedo tubes crew as built 90 men
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Old 19th March 2010, 12:29
Prestonian Prestonian is offline  
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I would be interested to know how Shikari (or any of her sisters) were armed at Dunkirk. I know that later in the war they were drastically altered for escort work but I am guessing that in 1940 they may have had little modification. Did they still have both sets of torpedo tubes or any? Had they been fitted with a quadruple 0.5" machine gun mount, and did they still have the full complement of 4" guns?

Thanks in advance

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Old 19th March 2010, 16:13
Steve Woodward Steve Woodward is offline  
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Shikari was one of the later S class destroyers ordered in 1917 and laid down in 1918 and whos building was suspended or drastically slowed down following th end of WW1 when naval budgets were cut, she was built at Sunderland by William Doxfords and launched on the 14th July 1919, like a lot of ships at that time the building order with doxfords was canclled on what was a part built floating hulk and she was then towed to Chatham for finnishing by the Royal Dockyard thus she was not commissioned until late in 1923. The delay was due to the fact that Shikari was selected as a radio control vessel for the old Dreadnought battleships Agamemnon and Centurion which were being used as radio controlled target vessels , as such she was virtually unarmed.
Being smaller than other destroyers the S class were mainly placed in reserve and scrapped in the period 1934-6 but a few saw service as escorts in WW2 - one of those being Shikari.

In september 1939 with a dire shortage of escorts she was under refit until January 1940 when she became a coastal convoy escort under her original D85 pennant Number - this changed to I85 during the Dunkirk evacuations which she served in and survived.
Although totally unsuitable 1941 saw her on Atlantic escort duties were during a bit of choppy weather south of Iceland late in 1941 she actually lost a funnel overboard and suffered serious structural damage. Fixed up by Hand W at Belfast she returned to the NW approaches until 1944 when she was at last replaced by newer tonnage but still the old lady served her country as a training ship, in 1945 post war she was placed on the disposal list and sold to BISCO who in turn allocated her to Cashmores scrapyard at Newport arriving in November 1945.
Armament wise Shikari had a single shielded 4" forwards in A gun position, this was probably a similar mk to the flower class -Mk 9 and a 12 pounder HAAA gun just aft of the funnels ( almost midships) this left a lot of room aft for depth charges and their throwers.
Shikar was equipped for firing/ dropping a 14 charge heavy pattern ie four throwers on each side plus two rails.
Shikari had a type 271 (glass lantern type) radar on a short lattice mast aft and a type 133 Asdic.
L 275' 11'' B 26'08" Dr 9'06" Disp 1,75 tons standard and about 1,300 full load
Machinery : twin screws, Brown -Curtis single reduction steam turbines, three Yarrow type small tube oil fired boilers, 27,000 shp 36 knots
Crew about 90 men
The Admiralty to save cash and crews scrapped nearly 100 S and T class destroyers in the late 1920's early 1930's and although not particularly good ships they would have nmade excellent stop gap escorts, there one big drawback was their speed, the were rather faster than they were strong and thus were easily damaged by speed in rough weather, one of the S class had her captain crushed and drowned in his sea cabin in bad weather., so many lost boats that they were not issued with motor boat replacements.
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Old 22nd February 2012, 00:54
mickprideaux mickprideaux is offline
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My Grandad was on that ship out of Dunkirque. He handed a sailer an accordion and that sailor played it on the way back to England.
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Old 13th February 2013, 22:04
NathanLyons NathanLyons is offline  
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My great grandfather was a member of that ships crew, he volunteered to row the very last boat to shore to pick up troops alongside his friend who didnt make it back, does anyone know where i can find more information on medals at dunkirk or even Shikari's crew list?
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Old 14th February 2013, 13:56
chadburn chadburn is offline  
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Speed was not really an issue with Coastal Convoy's as a Convoy is only as fast as the slowest Merchant Ship. Both the clockwise and anti-clockwise Coastal Convoy's were operating inside the British Minefield Belt until they were marshalled together in place's like Loch Ewe before they set off to go Foreign which meant passing through the highly secret gap's in the Coastal Minebelt under the directions enclosed in each ship's Sailing Order Folder which was one of the item's kept in the ship's safe and the first to go in the weighted bag.
Geordie Chief

From Grey Funnel to any Funnel, just show him/ me the money Mabel

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Old 1st March 2013, 09:58
DAVIDJM DAVIDJM is offline  
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I have found the following in Navy List 1930 and 1932

1930 she was a Tender to HMS CENTURION.
She was armed with 3 – 4 inch guns
Re-commissioned 8 November 1927

Crew April 1930 was
Rank Name Joined ship Seniority
Commander H E Snepp 2 Dec 1929 3 Dec 1925
Lieutenant BB Junor 2 Sept 1929 15 Aug 1924
Cd Gunner (T) H A Kirby 1 Oct 1929 28 Sept 1928
Cd Eng F W Towler 16 July 1928 1 May 1924

10 November 1931 paid off into reserve at Portsmouth

Oct 1932 tender to HMS VINDICTIVE
Nov – Dec 1932 tender to HMS EFFINGHAM

Crew Oct- Dec 1932
Wt Eng J W Tribbeck 26 Feb 1932 1 April 1925
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Old 6th April 2014, 12:10
colourflow colourflow is offline  
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My father-in-law served on the HMS Shikari during WWII and I am looking for a list of all crew members serving during WWII - can anyone point me in the right direction.
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Old 15th April 2014, 23:17
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.....after Major (mad) Mitch got a tip-off that she would be coming in.

Not bad going for a 14 year old!

Glad your father made it.

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