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B.O.T. Radar Maintenance Certificate.

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Old 14th January 2020, 15:05
Gordon L Smeaton Gordon L Smeaton is offline  
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Regarding asking the Captain if they the navigators, could switch the Radar on, first trip on British Hussar 1966, with a KH 14/16P which had a key switch on the display unit to fire the system up, needless to say the Captain kept said key in his pocket.

Been clearing some cupboards out today and found all the old exam papers, PMG 2nd class 1965, PMG 1st 1976, C&G Telecoms 1965, Marine electronics, must have been clever back in those days as reading the questions now, can barely understand anything.

Also my BoT Radar Maintenance ticket No.3193 issued 29th July 66, sat the exam on a Decca but can't remember which one.
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Old 14th January 2020, 16:41
sparkie2182 sparkie2182 is offline  
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I remember the "Handbook for Wireless Operators" has specimen papers for both classes at the back..
The Class 1 always seemed soooo far tougher than the 2.

If I recall correctly.... the radar ticket paper had 3?... Questions of which 2 had to be tackled.
One of the questions was on the dreaded "radar range equation".... Leaving the options a lot narrower.
I think a collective complaint was raised by the colleges..... Dunno the outcome.

Last edited by sparkie2182; 14th January 2020 at 16:49..
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Old 14th January 2020, 20:16
King Ratt's Avatar
King Ratt King Ratt is offline  
King Ratt
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Myself with RFA Pearleaf’s brand new Decca TM629. Year 1968.
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Old 17th January 2020, 07:44
majoco majoco is offline  
Organisation: Merchant Navy
Department: Radio Officer
Active: 1964 - 1969
Join Date: Oct 2008
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I did a Mk4 course in the East Ham depot somewhere around 1966 - about the most memorable part was where I had to bury the landlady's old dog in her back garden. The poor old lady was lost without her dog and her husband had passed away some time before - a dockie down at KG5. I mentioned it back at he depot and they found her a young pup to keep her company - very sad really.
Cheers - Martin
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Old 17th January 2020, 11:37
Varley's Avatar
Varley Varley is offline   SN Supporter
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Ah, the East Ham Landladies. If one was not in-the-know it may have sounded better to take the offered hotel accommodation instead of the diggings. Perhaps not a catastrophic error of navigation but certainly an error the digs were better even if there was no bar.
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Old 17th January 2020, 17:55
cajef's Avatar
cajef cajef is offline  
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Organisation: Merchant Navy
Department: Radio Officer
Active: 1963 - 1968
Join Date: Feb 2012
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Originally Posted by majoco View Post
I did a Mk4 course in the East Ham depot somewhere around 1966
I did that course in 1964, two weeks in digs with a divorced landlady I learnt more from her in two weeks than I did on the course, enough said, never did see a MK4 ever again.
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Old 21st January 2020, 04:51
Criffh Criffh is offline  
Join Date: Feb 2006
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Originally Posted by duncs View Post
#92 . "I joined the Newcastle Star in L'pool back in 1969. 8400 grt and no radar fitted. "

I sailed on her 5 years later, she had a Decca radar fitted, which gave no problems. Unfortunately, she had the worst radio gear it was my misfortune to sail with!
Wasn't the main tx made by Mullard, and half the size of an Oceanspan? No idea what the main rx was.

When I was in digs in Southampton, doing my PMG, the landlord was adamant that a recent collision between two ships in the Solent had been due to radar not being able to see in the dark. I let him wallow in his ignorance.
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