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unicorn shipping line

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Old 4th May 2020, 20:32
littlun littlun is offline  
Organisation: Merchant Navy
Department: Radio Officer
Active: 1986 - 1997
Join Date: Dec 2005
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Originally Posted by vasco View Post
Were you on Tugela when they sold all the bar goods in preparation for the ship being sold?
No I was not onboard then, although I remember they were moving ships around. I left the Nahoon 87 and it became the African Rainbow I think. The Capt and Chief Eng stayed on but we all got off. They sent it up the East coast. After I left the Tugela they sent me home and I found work back in the UK. Got my 6 months in to validate my ticket thankfully.
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Old 5th May 2020, 10:16
BillH BillH is offline
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Originally Posted by Tony Foot View Post
Think it unlikely that it was a Unicorn vessel in those days.
Unicorn hadn't been invented then. They were still African Chaos (Coasters)
Most likely Durban Lines with Congella, Greyville or Madeleine.
Madeleine was actually Stena Lines owned, on charter to Durban Lines. I was on both Greyville and Madeleine during that era.
MADELEINE (1956 - 1970) Ice strengthened general cargo vessel.
499g. 289n. 960d. 198' 9" x 33' 0" x 12' 0".
4-cyl. 2 SCSA (340 x 570mm) oil engine by Nydqvist & Holm Ab, Trollhattan. 760bhp. 11.5 kts.
6.7.1956: Launched by Lidingoverken KS Ab Live, Lidingo (Yard No. 23) for Sten A. Olsson Handels Ab, (Sten A. Olsson, manager) Sweden.
26.10.1956: Completed.
1963: Transferred to Rederi Ab Samba, (Stena Ab, managers) Sweden.
1970: Sold to Stig T. A. Ivarsson, Sweden.
1974: Sold to Ingemar Gudmundsson, Sweden, and renamed ADELE.
1975: Sold to Koukoulis and Company, Greece, and renamed ARIS III.
1981: Sold to Nik and John Kairis and Company, Greece.
1983: Sold to Ourania Malamoutsi and Company, Greece.
1986: Sold to Neosalaminiaki Marine Company, Greece, and renamed AGIOS NIKOLAOS.
1988: Transferred to Neosalaminiaki Shipping Company, Greece.
1988: Sold to Demetrios, Stavros and George Valhalis, Greece, and renamed ANNA V.
1989: Sold to Stamatakis Stefanos and Company Ltd., Greece.
5.10.1989: Wrecked on Agion Oros during a voyage from Halkidiki to Piraeus.
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Old 7th May 2020, 23:59
gordonarfur gordonarfur is offline
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He was,nt by any chance on the Safmarine ss. "Morgenster" which in Sept 1961 was in such a hurry to enter the Avonmouth dock that as we were exiting the she gave us a long lingering kiss all along the starboard side despite having a pilot and tug in attendance.?
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