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Persian Shipping Services

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Old 24th August 2016, 13:21
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Persian Shipping Services

Persian Shipping Services was a London based firm operating in the 1960s a non-conference line to the Persian Gulf.
I have found the following five vessels operating for them:

The vessel does not appear in databases under PSS ownership but a photo here shows her with their logo on her hull.
Built 1944 by William Hamilton & Co, Port Glasgow as EMPIRE TRUMPET for the MoWT.
1946 sold to Charente S.S. Co. Ltd. (T. & J. Harrison, Liverpool) and renamed NATURALIST.
1959 sold to Iranian Lloyd Co., Khorramshahr; renamed PERSIAN CYRUS. Managed by B. Ashworth & Co. (Overseas), London.
1965 To Iranian Shipping Lines S.A., Khorramshahr; renamed HAMADAN.
1966 sold to P.J. Frangoulis & A. & I. Cliafas, Piraeus, renamed KOULA F .
25.7.66 Stranded near Qais Island, Iran and abandoned. Wreck still extant.

The vessel does not appear in databases under PSS ownership but a photo here shows her with their logo on her hull.
Built 1944 by Wm. Gray & Co., West Hartlepool as EMPIRE IRVING for the MoWT.
1946 sold to Ropner Shipping Co., renamed BELLERBY.
1960 sold to Iranian Lloyd Co. Ltd., Khorramshahr, renamed PERSIAN CAMBYSES.
1964 To Iranian Shipping Lines, Khorramshahr; renamed IRANIAN TRADER.
1964 renamed SHIRAZ.
7.5.66 arrested for debts at Dammam, broke moorings and damaged
1970 sold to Matrood & Essa Zeers Bayrainis, Bahrain, renamed SAYHET; towed to Sitra Roads.
1972 broken up at Gadani Beach.

Built 1945 by Bethehem-Fairfield Shipyard, Baltimore, as type VC2-S-AP2 MILFORD VICTORY for the US WSA.
1947 sold to Holland-America Lijn and renamed ABBEDIJK.
1961 bought by PSS; renamed JOHN L. MANTA.
1967 sold to Naviran S.A., Khorramshahr, Iran; renamed CYRUS II. A photo of her is available here.
8.11.68 arrived at Durban badly damaged by fire, later seized there.
5.1969 auctioned to K. Nathan (Pty) Ltd., Durban; resold to breakers.
12.1969 arrived under tow at Kaohsiung and scrapped.

photo with PSS livery here
Built 1952 by Wm. Gray & Co., West Hartlepool as APPLEDORE for Maritime Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd. (Michalinos Bros.), London
1964 bought by PSS; renamed PERSIAN ROXANA.
1966 sold to Iranian Shipping & General Services Ltd., London.
1967 sold to Rodosi Co. Ltd. Corp., Piraeus; renamed MARIGO F. (probably a Frangoulis & Claifas firm).
1970 sold to Jebshun Shipping Co. Ltd., London; renamed PRECIOUS GEM.
1972 scrapped at Whampoa, China.

The vessel does not appear under PSS ownership but a photo here shows her with their logo on her hull.
Built 1945 by Bethlehem-Fairfield, Baltimore as type VC2-S-AP2 HAVERFORD VICTORY for the US WSA.
3.1947 sold to Holland-America Lijn and renamed GRIJPSKERK.
6.1947 renamed MELISKERK.
1964 sold to Marcierta Compaņia Naviera S.A., Piraeus, renamed PERSIAN CAMBYSES II. Managed by Iranian Shipping & General Services Ltd., London.
13.11.1968 Arrived at Durban with machinery damage, detained for debts, then arrested.
1969 auctioned to S.A. Marcis, Durban.
1970 sold to Cephalonia Shipping Co. (Pty) Ltd., Durban. Although not recorded she was probably renamed MARINA AGHIA (as shown here at Durban)
10.1970 sold to Time Lines (Panama) S.A., Hong Kong, renamed TIEN TAI.
27.2.72 Arrived Kaohsiung and broken up.

There is some confusion (to me at least) about the connections between PSS, Iranian Lloyd, Iranian Shipping & General and Naviran.

At least a narrative here suggests a connection.
There were two ships under arrest in Durban harbour, the Cyrus II and the Persian Cambyses II. Both were owned by the same firm, though they were registered in different countries. One had a Greek captain, the other a British captain. One had a Greek crew, the other an Indian crew. They were moored side-by-side in the bay, and the crews were stranded.
I also tend to believe that there was a Greek connection behind PSS.
Any additional information and corrections are most welcomed!

Sources include,,,

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Old 4th September 2017, 20:32
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Persian Shipping Services

There is indeed a Greek connection to PSS. The company was jointly owned by 1. Captain Photinos Spanos (born Ikaria Greece 1917) 2. Nikos Spanos (attorney) a first generation US national (born 1916) and 3. the second husband of Ashraf Pahlavi (the sister of the Shah of Iran). The brother of Photis Spanos...Nikos Spanos was the owner of a London based company ...Iranian Shipping Services..that company managed MV Vassilia, and MV Charalambos and MV George Bower in the late 1960's..
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Old 8th July 2018, 06:22
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Thanks for the extensive analysis. Everything seems consistent with that I've known about them.
high-tech cargo shipping
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Old 20th May 2019, 23:37
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Persian Shipping Services

In addition to those identified above, there were other owners of Persian Shipping Services (and related entities). The ownership was Greek, Persian, and American (from the standpoint of the nationalities of the individuals with ownership interests, not corporate domicile).

The company was a member of a conference. Its ships carried cargo from northern Europe to the Persian Gulf, particularly Iran. As for its history in a nutshell, the company was growing when, in the mid-late 1960s, it was torn apart due to internal dissension.

As for its ships, and again in addition to those listed above, they included the PERSIAN XERXES and the PERSIAN FERDOWSI.
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