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BP Tankers - A Group Fleet History

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Old 30th June 2015, 14:46
deemac15 deemac15 is offline  
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Originally Posted by John_F View Post
Recently purchased a copy of the above book. It features photos of almost every vessel ever owned by the Group plus a short potted history of each vessel from launch to scrap. As a factual reference book it is very good but I was disappointed in some ways as there are very few anecdotes (& there must be many that could be told). ....................................
I agree and, after the song and dance about writing in with any significant memories, there weren't any worth a light.
I've had more exciting times on the 12 to 4
Graham Wallace has more on his magnificent website
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Old 30th June 2015, 18:48
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Mariner44 Mariner44 is offline  
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Rapt. Stook

Originally Posted by cariad View Post
Was a great ship when I joined at Swan Hunters for her maiden voyage in Nov 1958. I was a deck apprentice at that time. Energetic Captain Stook was the skipper. Met him again 20 years later in his retirement at Torbay. Anyone remember him?
He was commodore aboard British Hussar on my first trip in 1962. I remember him well ...... He stopped my study periods for two weeks on the 6th day of my first week at sea, because I was whistling away whilst soojying midships when he was returning to his cabin after breakfast. He was stroppy with me about causing bad weather!

What ********! Probably attitude forming for the rest of my life.
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Old 14th August 2018, 16:28
Hani Bassel Hani Bassel is offline
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Hi From BP Aden

HI i am Hani Bassel, I am Administrative Supervisor in Aden Refinery Company (It last British Petroleum Aden Ltd.), I am researcher too and Manager of general library in my country.

now I am writing book about part o my company's history and then Aden from the visitors of the refinery from 1953 - 2001.

the orginal text in my book from Refinery's magazines that i found and old Adeni journal, and i put my comments about any things in the text (the news).

i think the site is very helpful and you are very important for me:

Now i need information about the BP Ships: maybe you talk about but i dont understand english well so i prefere put the info. beside all the request, may you help me..

1- British Industry (BP Oil Tanker)
2- British Warden (BP Oil Tanker)
3- British Pilot (BP Oil Tanker)
4- British gunner (BP Oil Tanker)

and i want to know information about the captains:I am not sure from the spelling

1- A. E. R. Glenddining
2- E. Carsen
3- John Tempelton (BP Oil Harbor Superintendent)
4- W. D. Jefrees (Captain of British Industry)

to contact with me in facebooK: https://www.facebook.com/hani.bassel.5
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Old 17th August 2018, 15:03
BillH BillH is offline
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O.N. 187530. 21,083g. 12,534n. 33,475d. 664' 9" x 85' 10" x 35' 0".
Two, steam turbines by the shipbuilder, double reduction geared to screw shaft.
10.10.1956: Launched by J. Brown & Company (Clydebank) Ltd., Clydebank (Yard No. 697) for the BP Tanker Company Ltd.
8.2.1957: Registered at London.
11.2.1957: Completed for the Tanker Charter Company Ltd.
2.1972: Laid-up at Falmouth.
1972: Transferred to the BP Tanker Company Ltd.
1973: Sold to Cosmopolitan Shipping Company S. A., Liberia and renamed STEPHANIE CONWAY.
21.2.1975: Arrived at Castellon for demolition.

BP WARDEN Tug. (Never a British Warden)
O.N. 184362. 462g. 14n. 127.7 x 32.6 x 13.4 feet.
T.3-cyl. (17" 28"& 46"x 33") by Plenty & Sons Ltd., Newbury. 1,250ihp.
9.11.1950: Launched as FIROUZMAND by Scott & Sons, Bowling (Yard No. 392) for the Petroleum Steam Ship Company Ltd.
19.2.1951: Registered at London.
2.1951: Completed for the British Tanker Company Ltd.
1955: Renamed BP WARDEN.
1965: Transferred to the BP Clyde Tanker Company Ltd. (BP (Aden) Ltd, managers).
1976: Sold to Gulf Shipping Company S.A., Iran and renamed FIROUZMAND.
1998: Lloyd’s Register entry removed- “Continued existence in doubt”

O.N. 168869. 8,452g. 4,865n. 466.3 x 61.9 x 33.9 feet.
6-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. (29-1/8" x 59-1/16") B&W type by Harland & Wolff Ltd., Glasgow. 2,450bhp.
1943: Laid down as BRITISH CAUTION by Cammell, Laird & Company Ltd., Birkenhead (Yard No. 1106) for the British Tanker Company Ltd.
21.7.1943: Launched as EMPIRE MACCOLL, for the Ministry of War Transport, (British Tanker Company Ltd., managers).
17.11.1943: Registered at Liverpool.
11.1943: Completed.
1946: Purchased by the British Tanker Company Ltd. and renamed BRITISH PILOT.
1.6.1956: Owners renamed BP Tanker Company Ltd.
21.8.1962: Arrived at Faslane for demolition by Shipbreaking Industries Ltd.
27.8.1962: Work commenced.

O.N. 186055. 10,076g. 5,792n. 14,571d. 516' 6" x 65' 4" x 28' 3".
6-cyl. 2 S.C.S.A. (620 x 1400mm) B&W type by the shipbuilder. 4,950bhp.
22.12.1953: Launched by Harland & Wolff Ltd., Glasgow (Yard No. 1466 G) for the British Tanker Company Ltd.
5.5.1954: Registered at London.
6.5.1954: Completed.
1.6.1956: Owners renamed BP Tanker Company Ltd.
1961: Transferred to the BP Clyde Tanker Company Ltd. and renamed CLYDE GUNNER.
1964: Reverted to the BP Tanker Company Ltd., and BRITISH GUNNER.
17.5.1972: Arrived at Vinaroz, Spain for demolition by Desguaces Maritimos S. A.
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