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Danube Collision

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Old 3rd June 2019, 23:59
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Danube Collision

Keithmar and Calpor, yes, we should have reported this dreadful accident.

The captain of the VIKING, the larger vessel, has been arrested and is on bail.

Good footage of the collision. The smaller vessel, MERMAID, was coming up the river approaching the arch on the starboard side. VIKING was in mid stream it appears he was approaching down vessels. He came over to the starboard to pass under the same arch as MERMAID. Should be normal.

The river is moving fast, bother vessels going fast, well not over the ground, but fast over the water. I suspect the vessels came close enough a cushion effect and then interaction to bring the smaller vessel under the bows of the VIKING.

Every sympathy for the dreadful loss of life.

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Old 4th June 2019, 07:47
stein stein is online now  
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Same company as the nearly grounded "viking." And there has even been a third accident with a ship from this company inbetween. From "Terneuzen", Youtube: The 443-foot Viking River Cruises Longship, Viking Idun, collided with the 135-meter Chemical Marketer at 12:10 AM on April 1, 2019, near Antwerp. 9news.com reported that there were 171 passengers and 44 crew members on board the Viking River Cruise. The Zeeland police are investigating. Viking Idun docked in the Port of Terneuzan, Neatherlands. The oil and chemical tanker MV Chemical Marketer sailed from Turkey bound for Ghent prior to the incident. The Viking Idun cruise ship left Antwerp bound for Ghent. Idun was on a 10-day Tulips & Windmills cruise that starts at $3,400 per passengers. The passengers completed the itinerary by charter bus according to one passenger Tammy Miller of Castle Rock Colorado on Facebook. Both ships had damage above the water line to their bows. They were not taking on water or leaking chemicals or fuel. Viking Idun may return to service on April 4, 2019. This is just over a week after over 1,000 people aboard the Viking Sky saw their lives hand in the balance during a storm off Norway when the cruise ship's engines lost power. This Over half of its 915 passengers were air lifted by CHC Helicopters and the Southern Norway rescue services (Hovedrningssentralen) on March 23 ,to March 24. MV Viking Sky arrived in Molde, Norway at 16:30, on Sunday, March 24, 2019. This second incident in 8 days calls into question the judgement of the bridge leadership of both the Viking Sky and the Viking Idun cruise ships. AIS and lookouts should have helped the crew avoid the collusion in the Neatherlands.

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Old 4th June 2019, 09:48
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A dreadful tragedy that was preventable? Watching a number of videos, ship to ship interaction is probably the cause! Bernoulli effect is unforgiving if vessels get too close! The Viking boat was much faster and overtaking the other vessel far too close. Interaction was bound to occur and the results were calamatous.
Lots of questions for the investigators to address?
Detaining the Master is probably justified but there is a larger and potentially more serious issue. Viking Cruise vessels have now been involved in 3 serious incidents (in Europe) within the past 2 months. This must be of concern to all and indicates serious deficiencies with the overall management standards of all these vessels.
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