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SS Bellarden

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Old 8th January 2014, 12:37
MAX526 MAX526 is offline
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SS Bellarden

Hello all,
I'm quite new here and request your help regarding the old 2.715 GRT steamer Bellarden which used to belong to the Lamport & Holt Line but AFAIK was owned by Bell Brothers & McLelland from Glasgow. Indeed the ship was built for Bell Brothers & McLelland in 1888 by D & W Henderson Ltd. in Glasgow and was managed by the Bellarden Steamship Co. (a subsidiary of Bell-McLelland - They has also the subsidiary Bellucia Steamship Co. in charge of managing the SS Bellucia also ordered and owned by Bell-McLelland).
My problem is that I cannot succeed in establishing the link between Bell brothers & McLelland in one hand and the Lamport & Holt Line in the other. The following extract of newspaper does not light my mind... unfortunately (comes from the NY Tribune, April 1896, when Bellarden was ramned by Friesland and avoid sinking after having ran aground in emergency on Staten Island) :
"The Bellarden is an Iron steamer of 2.715 tons. She is 310 feet long, has a beam of 39 feet and is 23.4 feet in depth. She was built in Glasgow in 1888, is owned by Bell Brothers & McLelland, and belongs to the Lamport & Holt Line. Her agents are Busk & Jenova. She was bound for Montevideo with a cargo of 3.000 tons, most of which was case oil. She carried a crew of twenty-nine, but no passengers were aboard".
Perhaps the Bell-McLelland was the owner and the L&H Line was in charge to manage the ship instead of the Bellarden Steamship Co. subsidiary ? Perhaps the Bellarden was still managed by the Bellarden Steamship Co. and was chartered by the Lamport & Holt Line ?
I'm seeking for connections between the Bellarden and the Lamport & Holt Line, also possible photographs (or sources of) of the ship.
Thanks in advance for help
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Old 8th January 2014, 13:57
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Theres no connection between L&H and Bellarden possibly a charter.
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Old 9th January 2014, 15:39
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Greetings Christophe and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.
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Old 10th January 2014, 17:13
MAX526 MAX526 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
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SS Bellarden

Thanks for welcoming.
This story isn't easy to understand but it was probably a charter, you're right.
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