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british valour

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Old 20th February 2019, 20:39
dickwilkinson dickwilkinson is offline
Join Date: Jul 2018
Posts: 7
british valour

does anybody out there remember the valour? i was 4/e during 71 when it dry docked on the Thames. Got a few stories about that wonderful ship.
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Old 20th February 2019, 20:54
david freeman david freeman is offline  
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2006
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is this the 32.000tdw steam tanker, sister ship to the courage, After drydock could you or did you do admiralty engine trials over 24 hours?
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Old 22nd February 2019, 09:15
dickwilkinson dickwilkinson is offline
Join Date: Jul 2018
Posts: 7
yes it is the sister ship. I did two trips on her and we never did any speed trials. In fact when we left dry dock we could only make 12 knots. Hugh cock up during the retubing of both boilers, but that's another story.
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Old 22nd February 2019, 14:55
sparks69 sparks69 is offline  
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Organisation: Merchant Navy
Department: Radio Officer
Active: 1966 - 1986
Join Date: Dec 2005
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I loved the midships tankers, far more comfortable than the all aft ones. Had their down sides though. Can't remember ever doing any high speed trials after DD on the Tyne in Oct 1970. My diary said we did 24 hours repairs in Capetown Nov '70 after DD on the way to Little Aden.
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Old 22nd February 2019, 16:39
dickwilkinson dickwilkinson is offline
Join Date: Jul 2018
Posts: 7
I paid off in June 70 so missing the dd oct. The company must have been a bit annoyed because she was back in dock the next April for both boiler retubes. She broke down in the channel on the way to IOG with a full cargo of gas oil. It was on the main bbc news. She limped up to iog where I joined. Managed to discharge with half a boiler, then tank clean and a tow up the thames for dd. Oxygen pitting condemned the boilers.
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Old 24th February 2019, 03:21
GeorgeM13's Avatar
GeorgeM13 GeorgeM13 is offline  
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Active: 1967 - 1977
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 233
I joined the Valour in KGV Dock in May '71 as 3/O and had the pleasure of sailing with Dick and spending many a happy hour with him (and also not forgetting his Junior Sandy) in the bar after the 8-12 watch. Sandy was from Aberdeen co-incidentally where I was living at that time.
Was back there (KGV) last week-end for a few days in London, the dockside is lined with a few hotels now serving the Excel and London City Airport, the airport terminal having been built over the dry-dock. Landed at the airport arriving from Edinburgh Airport and stayed at one of the aforementioned hotels. Always brings back memories when I stay there.
Dick was correct in saying that we slow steamed to the Cape having stopped off at Falmouth to drop off some shore guys that had been working on the boilers. Loaded up the Gulf at Mina and Bandar and made it to Rio where we spent a week in the Bay after a part discharge doing engine repairs. Felt sorry for the engineers as the OM didn't require us to do anchor watches and deck side got to wander off ashore while engineers had to work down the pit. Got to act like tourists going up Sugar Loaf and the like. Other memories were seeing Ryan's Daughter the movie in a local cinema luckily the sub-titles were in Portugese and it still had the original English soundtrack. Bought a couple of albums there or should i say cassettes (age is showing now) Easy Rider soundtrack and a Santana album both of which I still have but don't know if they will still play.
Went to Santos to complete the discharge, we had messed up in Rio discharging the 2 grades of Gas Oil we had on board as a mix, somebody had gotten our orders wrong. Back to the Gulf and the IOG and Tilbury for more repairs, a run ashore to Gravesend cost me my wallet which I did get back eventually thanks to the very honest people who worked in a cafe there. Also bought a copy of the Carole King LP Tapestry there, still great music and now have it on CD as well. then it was back to the Gulf where I paid off in RAK after near 7 months on board.
Will write more later but I have mentioned my time on board in a previous thread.
Two trips on the Valour and one on the Courage and never did any speed trials.
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Old 24th February 2019, 09:50
dickwilkinson dickwilkinson is offline
Join Date: Jul 2018
Posts: 7
Hello George, wondered if you would pick up on this thread. We did get one run ashore in Rio, but I was on the night shift, so had to go without sleep to get ashore. Still great.
The main problem with the ship was the valve spindle on the main stop had sheared during a shut down so couldn't be coupled to the other boiler. So both boilers had to be shut down and a new spindle made ashore. First one came back with the wrong thread so more time in port and the chance for that run ashore. Happy days indeed.
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Old 25th February 2019, 22:44
paul0510's Avatar
paul0510 paul0510 is offline  
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Organisation: Merchant Navy
Department: Navigation
Active: 1967 - 1981
Join Date: Jul 2005
My location
Posts: 636
was 2/O on her and took her to lay-up in the Kyles. Master was Nigel Packard.
- Paul O'Donovan

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