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Old 11th January 2016, 11:34
lakercapt lakercapt is offline  
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The guys that loaded the logs in Takoradi were experts and what they did in stowing them was so dangerious that I would stay clear. The cry of "borope" and the guy on the winch would open it up heave the log into the tween decks. Many a time the snatch block would break and wires would be whipping all over the place.
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Old 11th January 2016, 15:07
palmoil chop palmoil chop is offline  
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The legendary 'log man' in Takoradi was Willie Toe. He could really arrange a log stow with very little wasted space. The 'legend' about Willie was that he had to be flown back to the UK on one occasion in order to unlock a particularly compact lower hold stow. Like so much from the Coast, probably just a good yarn. It used to be the custom in the port to sound the whistle in farewell when a ship left that looked fully loaded. Most times we still had Abidjan onwards to visit before clearing for home. My own record was 22 ports between Dakar outwards and Bathurst homewards in 62 days. Who remembers those little 'threepenny bits' powered by an outboard motor for scooting around the log ponds ?
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Old 12th January 2016, 07:53
steamship steamship is offline  
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Originally Posted by edshazell View Post
Takoradi has been in the news lot recently for all the wrong reasons but it did bring back memories of loading logs onto deck on the way back home. Some of the known as sinkers were so heavy they had to be supported by two other logs as they were floated out to us in the harbour. I still have a 6 stone wooden carved elephant that I bought in Takoradi and carried all the way back to the ship.

You're right about the sinkers! There was a LEbanese guy there who was shrimping and had a couple of rotten old Dutch trawlers. He tried
To pull some logs off the beach but they just went straight under. I'm not sure where they came from, he said they turned up after a big storm. There seemed to be cut logs all the way along to Bosawa Beach. Some of them were worth thousands of dollars each apparently. He said they were shaved down for expensive veneer.
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