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Cunard Adventurer Kisses Carla C

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Old 24th October 2005, 11:46
Cunarder Cunarder is offline  
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Cunard Adventurer Kisses Carla C

One fine Saturday morning whilst berthing in San Juan, Cunard Adventurer's vari-pitch props get "stuck" in "Ahead" and neatly disembowel the starboard promenade deck of the already berthed "Carla C". Not content with removing a good deal of plating from the side of the unfortunate and blameless vessel, when Adventurer finally managed to go astern it dragged the disembarking passenger's baggage out of the promenade deck where it had been stowed and neatly deposited it in San Juan harbour. (1) Cunard Adventurer in San Juan with "Amerikanis" and "Carla C". (2) Starboard promenade deck of "Carla C". (3) Cunard Adventurer gets a "nose job" in drydock in Curacao.
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Old 3rd January 2017, 05:00
lancslad lancslad is offline  
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I don't remember the San Juan incident, maybe it was after I left or while I was on "ticket" leave.
I joined C A in Holland as an engineer and left in 1976 before the Alaska trips.
The same thing happened in Norfolk Va in 1971. We went Ahead instead of Astern and rammed the bow into the mud at the head of the pier. The bow hit the concrete and chips flew into a parked car busting out the windscreen.
I recently retired from a job in the same facility and the concrete gouge is still there!!
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Old 3rd January 2017, 07:12
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Dickyboy Dickyboy is offline
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An excellent post, I hope others can shed more light on this incident, which sounds like a real giggle, as long as no one was hurt.
Good advice is usually ignored, but that's no reason for not giving it. Miss Marple.
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Old 3rd January 2017, 08:03
woodend's Avatar
woodend woodend is offline  
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Spare a thought for the poor old Pilot! Unfortunately something similar happenbed to me in Port Elizabeth. Very exciting few minutes and a lot of report writing.
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Old 20th February 2017, 15:43
dixie dean dixie dean is offline  
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Yes, I was chippy on the focsle head that day with Sid Franks the bosun, Carla C was just going astern into her berth when we realised all was not well as we had missed our turn into pier1,our normal berth, but carried on straight ahead. Sid was ordered to count down the distance to the Carla C and I was stood by ready to drop anchor,the order never came as the port anchor had a habit of sticking in the box dropping the starboard anchor could have made things worse Sid called the distance into his radio,then said 15feet and I'm getting the f---out of here,moments later we rammed the Carla amidships,as you say inthrough her prom deck windows,and dragging a lot of baggage out!! Our bow got bent down requiring a new bow section fitted in drydock later that year both ships sailed that evening on time.Some months later as we sailed out of St Lucia we passed the QE2 anchored out,we got a message to say " You look a little bent my dear"our captain replied "we may be a little bent but you will always be a big queen" great days.
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