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Rolls Royce diesels

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Old 7th January 2020, 04:22
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Some friends clubbed together and bought an old HDML with a Gardner, The normal weeekends were day outings round the bay with wives, girlfriends kids, dogs and plenty of ekskies full of XXXX, One bloke drove and the women and children had picnic lunches on deck,, the blokes sat below beside the engine on special cut down plastic chairs (less than 4 foot headroom) drank our tinnies and listened to the Gardner slide along @ 300 rpm. while the girls passed us prawn sandwiches Engineering heaven.
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Old 7th January 2020, 12:25
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Never sailed with an RR generator but had a 4/E who had when he was in Harrisons of Liverpool, he said they had four working when they left Liverpool and entered London with one and a half. In the end their C/E told them if there was an alarm to stop it from the control room and not to go to check it because it would have self destructed before they reached it.
That story is one that stuck in my memory.
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Old 2nd February 2020, 02:45
skilly57 skilly57 is online now  
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The 'FODEN CACKLE" from P.3563, filmed late in 2019. This 1943 HDML is still leading an active life, in private hands, in New Zealand.
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Old 16th February 2020, 23:08
dannic dannic is online now  
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Originally Posted by Dartskipper View Post
There have been a few mentions of Rolls Royce diesel engines being used in Centurion tanks. I think this must be disinformation broadcast by the RR installation gangs to give themselves some credibility.

Centurion tanks, like the Cromwell before it, were powered by a Meteor V12 petrol engine which was developed by Rover from the Rolls Royce Merlin V12 petrol engine. (A cut down V8 version was installed in the Thornycroft Mighty Antar tank transporter. This engine was configured to run on diesel fuel and was called the Meteorite.) I believe that in later years the Rover Meteor was modified to run on any available fuel.

I have known of straight 6 cylinder RR diesels being used in small vessels, which may have been produced in the Perkins factory in Peterborough where various straight 6 Volvos, Caterpillars and other varieties were churned out. They were painted the correct colour (yellow for Cats and green for Volvos for example) when they came off the line. So all those proud owners of their twin screw Volvo or Caterpillar powered motor cruisers may have been a little miffed if they found out that they were in fact being propelled by a pair of masquerading Perkins 6354's.)
Read in Autocar magazine last month that Chieftain tank had Rolls Royce opposed piston engine, must be something like Napier Deltic .heaven help us!!

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Old 17th February 2020, 18:46
Dartskipper Dartskipper is offline  
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Chieftan Tank Engine.

There is one of these engines on display at the Tank Museum in Bovington. It's a huge beast, and some accounts say that it was very high performance, but even higher maintenance!
Roy Kennedy
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Old 24th February 2020, 00:48
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They were rumoured to use a gallon per mile, plus a gallon to start up.
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