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Old 19th November 2015, 11:01
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Name Foolery

Years ago I heard a tale that purported to be true involving the Rowanbank and Gowanbank. As told the Rowanbank was homeward bound through PNG and at the same time Gowanbank was outward on the old PNG service. Both vessels apparently ended up in either Lae or Rabaul (I can't remember which) together. The story has it that the Appys on the Rowanbank boarded the Gowanbank with appropriate equipment and paint and changed the 'G' to an 'R' thus giving the world two Rowanbanks!. While meant to be a prank it in fact turned out to be anything but as consignees and agents and other interested parties who were expecting their cargoes from UK/Europe started making enquiries as to where the Gowanbank was, even though on occasions they were looking at it!

I can't verify any of this tale of course but if anyone can enlighten us I'd be grateful. It's the sort of thing that would make a good film allowing for some additional high jinks and confusion being built into the story.
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Old 19th November 2015, 12:02
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"Carry on Sailing," or some such. I was told that the crew of the British Workman changed her second name to Workhouse.
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Old 19th November 2015, 12:57
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Regarding GOWANBANK, I heard a tale that not long before her sale that some of her officers in a somewhat "tired and emotional" state changed the name overside to "wa**bank".

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Old 19th November 2015, 13:55
charding charding is offline
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I heard that the ICENIC was altered to NICENICERS
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Old 20th November 2015, 01:49
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Then there was the occasion when HMS Antelope and HMS Penelope passed each other at sea; the message was sent; "At long last Pennyloap meets Antellypee"
Martin Perry
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Old 20th November 2015, 08:30
Pilot mac Pilot mac is offline  
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HMAS Snipe had her letters rearranged on at least one occasion.

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Old 20th November 2015, 10:18
Steve Hogg Steve Hogg is offline  
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Name foolery

Not exactly the same thread but when I was with blue flu the MV Ajax was in Liverpool at the same time as a European Cup game between Liverpool and Ajax was being played.Cant remember the details of the scoreline,but the ship apparently sailed off around the coast with the scoreline neatly painted on the stern,ie AJAX O LIVERPOOL I,wonder if anyone can verify this.Maybe one of the culprits is still around!!
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