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Rippingham Grange

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Old 16th May 2008, 08:31
paddy mcdonnell paddy mcdonnell is offline  
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 62
Hi everybody,thanks for the welcome,I was wondering where my thread went,I have just discovered how to find it,WA00...asked when was I on the Rippingham grange,it was in the 50s,1954 we took a cargoe of meat to Leningrad (St.Petersburg) from Montevideo,anybody from Houlders at that time,one or two years later I saw her in Littleton,same crew,the captain was sent home to the UK to get a leg amputated,I think he had diabetes,I cant remember his name,he was from the Isle of Anglesey.Again,thanks for the welcome,Paddy.
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Old 16th May 2008, 09:02
non descript non descript is offline
Join Date: Nov 2005
My location
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Hi Paddy,
I can sympathise, it is easy to get lost when we start.
As your comments have uniqueness about them in terms of the Rippingham Grange, I have taken the liberty of copying your post to a fresh thread, so your ship now has her own thread within the Houlder Brothers forum. I know little of this ship, other than she was built in 1943, sold by Houlders in 1961 and re-named Abbey Wood and broken up in 1962. She was also the second ship to bear the name; the first was built in 1898 (and sunk by U86 in 1917 when she was named Limerick)

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Old 16th May 2008, 09:43
gdynia's Avatar
gdynia gdynia is offline   SN Supporter
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Paddy photo of her here
If theres a way theres a will
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Old 19th May 2008, 17:57
Ian MacD Ian MacD is offline  
Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 21
Smile Rippingham Grange

Hi All,

In 1960-1 there was the threat of an NUS strike and 53 Leadenhall Street called up a whole crew of apprentices to Liverpool to serve as deck crew on board Rippingham Grange and take her round the coast from Liverpool to London.

They put us all up in a temperance hotel on Mount Pleasant in Liverpool - just up the hill from the Adelphi - and we had a whale of a time as was to be expected. The only fellow apprentice I remember is Dave Enever who later went on to become a master with Greenpeace.

The strike was called off at the last moment and we all went home.
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Old 20th May 2008, 23:41
paddy mcdonnell paddy mcdonnell is offline  
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 62
Hi Gdynia,just noticed your posting,thanks for letting me know where I can see a picture of the Rippingham Grange,it's been a long time since i've seen her,probably around '55/'56,I was on a Newzealand Shipping ship in Littleton and the RG was unloading cars,Paddy.
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Old 2nd February 2010, 15:01
Abbeywood. Abbeywood. is offline  
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2009
Posts: 211
Rippingham Grange/Abbeywood.

I joined the Rippingham Grange 15 Sept' 1960 and did an extended trip to New Zealand, (Xmas in Auckland) and back in the UK on St Valentines Day.
The next trip, again to NZ, was a quickie for apples, a la Shaw Swivel, and covered March/June 1961.
The final trip under the Maltese Cross 28 June-24 Aug' took the ship to the Cape and back, for Union Castle, and again loading fruit.
Things started to go wrong on the way home, when a QM 'threw a wobbler' and jumped over the wall. Spent about 8hrs circling round trying to find and recover him, to no avail. Search called off and voyage continued.
Off the Portuguese coast, a cross-head bolt worked loose so we stopped to re-secure it, and while this was underway, nobody noticed that the MELO pump had tripped and the result was that the Starboard Engine ran out its bearings. It was, as they say, kaput, and this was Chief Harris's last trip before retiring.
We got underway again and were diverted into Southampton, where it seems that the whole of Leadenhall Street were having an away-day.
Moved round to London,(Royal docks), and discharged then moved again to the West India Dock, to lay-up, pending a final decision on the ship.
The ship sold to Far East Marine Enterprises Ltd, (FEMEL), of Hong Kong, to be ultimately scrapped.
With the Starboard propeller shaft secured with RSJ's welded to the tunnel side, the ship set of for the Far East on one engine, under the name Abbeywood, the first exchange in the London Telephone directory,
To cut a long story short, the ship carried cars from Antwerp to the US, then loaded bagged sugar in Cuba, for delivery to Valparaiso, Next, up to Callao to load fish meal and guano for the Far East, via Manila, (58 days from Callao to the Philippines), then up to Kobe, Yokohama, and finally to Hakodate, on the island of Hokkaido, where it was to be demolished.
The surprising thing was the Port engine never faltered throughout the seven months of the voyage,
How do I know all this, well I did the delivery voyage, hence my user name.
I returned to Houlders and did further trips in the 'Swan River' but I still allow my thoughts to centre on the 'Rippingham Grange' even after nearly fifty years
Abbeywood, (PL)

Last edited by Abbeywood.; 2nd February 2010 at 15:29..
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Old 2nd February 2010, 15:44
Abbeywood. Abbeywood. is offline  
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2009
Posts: 211
Brilliant pic's Gdynia
God that brings back a lot of memories
Many thanks, Abbeywood
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Old 16th April 2010, 21:35
tondav3137 tondav3137 is offline  
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 32
I was Chippies mate on the Rip we did a nine month MANS run NZ the States and Canada I joined her in Jan 1958, We had a S Afican chippy who never came out of his cabin from the time leaving B Head till he was put ashore in New york five months later I was made up to chippy and I did a second five month trip to NZ then left in Feb 1959, Being my first ship I found her OK, But later having saile on some great ships looking back she was not that great. Best Regards Tony D
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Old 20th October 2013, 20:57
Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor is offline  
Join Date: Oct 2013
Posts: 2
Robert O'Connor

Hi Everybody,
I was on the Rippingham Grange in 1961. Was anyone else on that ship then?
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Old 20th October 2013, 21:05
Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor is offline  
Join Date: Oct 2013
Posts: 2
I was on the Rippingham Grange in 1961. I was a standby and one of the stewards never turned up-so I went instead. I had my 21st birthday in the middle of the Pacific ocean and had a great time in Napier. It was the time of the Profumo scandal I think. The ship was sold shortly afterwards.
Fegards Robert O'Connor
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Old 21st October 2013, 09:42
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Greetings Robert and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.
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Old 29th March 2018, 22:30
DavidSMurray DavidSMurray is offline
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 5
Noel Murray 1958 - 1962

Sailed on the Rippingham Grange. He passed away at 90 in 2014 but Iíve published his life story as a blog. It may be of interest:
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