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Canoes - Elder Dempster Passages

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Old 1st December 2012, 15:49
alan ward alan ward is offline  
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Originally Posted by bev summerill View Post
I spent nearly 15 years as a deck officer with EDs which was a good company to work for even after blue flue took over. the story about charging the crew for their goods must have been a one off as I never came across it.In fact I think the story is a load of s;;t. I sailed with native crews most of the time.freetown mainly but also Nigerians and Ghana deck crew and got on well with all of then bev summerill
It is not untrue,I didn`t hear it from someone else I was there and witnessed it.OM Ronnie Greenwood,Mate George paton,Dave Atkin 2nd.Mate,Keith Ritch Purser,Jimmy Moon Chief Steward,Alan Wardle Electrician,apart from Jo Kelly I can`t remember the engineers,it was 1967!That fact that you never experienced charging for excess goods may mean they stopped it,as they should.
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Old 1st December 2012, 15:52
alan ward alan ward is offline  
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Organisation: Merchant Navy
Department: Purser
Active: 1966 - 1976
Join Date: Jul 2009
Posts: 1,988
Sorry,I didn`t see the previous postings about charging for private cargo I was a little insulted by being called a liar.
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Old 17th December 2012, 18:14
Essjay Essjay is offline  
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Originally Posted by Jamie Davies View Post
I'm researching into a canoe, we have in our collection at our maritime museum in North West Wales. We know it comes from West Africa, and following new information we believe it could have been on board a Elder Dempster ship and thrown over board on a return passage to the port of Liverpool.
This is the new information i received from a ex crew of an Elder Dempster ship (Note this is not about the canoe we have in our collection but general information):

They'd make first landfall in Freetown, Sierra
Leone, where they'd pick up 'crewboys'. These would come to the ship in their canoes which would be hauled up on deck and the crewboys would sail with the ship to their various destinations as far south as Angola, then back to Sierra Leone. They did various laboring jobs on the ship in return for a daily meal. Sometimes the canoes didn't return to their owners but stayed on board (often mixed with the timber cargo) and would be thrown overboard when the ship approached Liverpool Bay. Sometimes there would be up to 9 canoes still on the ship.

Following a conversation with him- he notes on one occasion they threw c15 canoes overboard on between anglessey and Liverpool- before reaching port.

Also i have had further information from another crew member that the same thing happened with an Elder Dempster ship off devon.

Therefore it seems this was a widespread practice and that at the time nothing was thought of it- however it may provide a source of origin for canoes within museum collections?

Therefore i wonder whether any of you remember such incidences- as it may help provide a provenance to similar canoes in museums across the UK?

I sailed with ED's The ''Kroo'' Boys were paid, and fed, and in noways were they worked, just for food. As far as the canoes were concerned, I never, ever witnessed one being dumped over the wall. The Kroo boys came abourd from the quay side, and left the same way!

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